Frequently Asked Questions

When was Tays Bakers established?
Established in 1994 as Jaya Swarasa Agung, we started as a small wafer-stick snack producer. In 2014 we changed our name to Tays Bakers to reflect our new lines of products, upcoming brands and new company direction
Where is Tays Bakers’ Head office located?
Our Head Office is located in Hayam Wuruk Raya in Central Jakarta while our factory is located in Legok, Tangerang.
Are Tays Bakers’ products Halal or Kosher certified?
Tays Bakers products are kosher certified (Halal) from Majelis Ulama Indonesia.
Do Tays bakers’ products contain Trans-fat?
Trans Fat raises (LDL) bad cholesterol levels and lower (HDL) good cholesterol levels. High cholesterol level increases risk of cardiovascular health and stroke. All our products are tested by independent labs as NOT containing trans-fat and products’ nutrition contents are stated on the packaging (Most of our products are indicated to have TFA levels of 0 %)
Do you use any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors in products?
Some of our products do use permitted safe-for-health artificial ingredients at below the permitted amount. We are proud to announce that we will be producing new brands of healthy snacks WITHOUT the use of artificial ingredients and will indicate as so in the packaging
Where does the Lecithin used in some of your products come from?
Our lecithin is procured from reputable source derived from soybeans. Lecithin is a very common emulsifier range of foods.
Where can I find Taysbakers’ products?
We are constantly contacting and approaching retail partners to make our products available at locations closest to you. Please check our "Find Us" section to get the latest update. If you have suggestions on locations or retail outlets we should approach to get our products to you, please contact us and submit a query through our "Find Us" webform
If I have suggestions, comments, and critics regarding Tays Bakers products, how can I contact you?
We look forward to hearing from you and receiving any suggestions or critics. Please send them via the "CONTACT US" page and submit your comments on the web form provided for you.