What comes up to your mind when I say ‘snack’?

Well basically, snack is any light food that we can consume anytime, and Indonesia… we have lots! No matter if you are tourists or local people, you should try these snacks…

  1. Kue Ape (some people call it Kue Tete)Kue Ape is made of flour, sugar, and coconut milk. Usually they sell it in a very small cart which they usually push around, they cook it there. The best spot for this snack is around schools or nearby traditional markets. It is very cheap and easy to eat. To get easier picture about this to the world, it’s pretty similar with pancake. Funny fact is that it looks like women’s breasts, so some people call it Kue Tete as it means women’s breasts.
  2. Kue Pancong (similar with Waffle, just different form)
    It is known as traditional snack that comes originally from Jakarta. Though the ingredients are similar with Kue Ape. They just use different pan to make different form. And the quantity of all ingredients are a bit different, that make different taste. They usually add grated coconut at the top of it.
  3. Kue Pukis (similar to Kue Pancong)Kue Pukis looks the same like Kue Pancong since they use the same pan. But they don’t put grated coconut at the top. You can find this almost everywhere in the suburb areas on the side of the street, they usually use carts.
  4. Kue Lapis (Layered Cake)There are some other types of Kue Lapis, but this one is the one that looks shining and colorful, small, and they are sold in markets. They steam one layer before they put another layer and so on until it is finished. Usually people eat it layer by layer.
  5. Kue Cubit (literally means Pinch Cake)Cubit literally means pinch, they call it pinch because you have to pinch it when you it due to its small size. There is another form of this cake, it’s called Kue Laba-Laba (Spider Cake), because its form that looks like spider’s net. They usually use cart to sell it on the street side. And it’s actually similar with poffertjes. Maybe because we were colonialized by the Dutch.

Though they all are made of similar stuffs like flour, rice flour, sugar, coconut milk, but they taste different to each other, because they have different compositions and different way in making it.

Nowadays, you can find those snacks mentioned in different color and with more various toppings.

Look around you maybe you see some, go and taste it, so Tays’ty!